led lights for cars In contrast to the look of the front experience changes, the new Touareg interior only to do the details of the upgrade. The rear place is extremely spacious, the seat back is often adjusted for angle, and contains a seat heating function. Even though the rear row also has two temperature zone automatic air conditioning program. Rear door shade can not merely block the gentle, but additionally to be sure the car's privacy. The new Touareg's rear seats use a three-stage fold, and can slide 160mm before and following, you can freely change the luggage compartment area. Touareg geared up with 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, due on the motor longitudinal and various factors. The 4MOTION process did not make use of the Haldex central differential, its mechanical construction plus the Audi quattro similar to your use of the Torsen Torsen central differential. The differential is automatically controlled via the torque output differential from the worm lock. Although this design increased the response pace, but not active command, for off-road capacity has weakened, but the street overall performance may be further improved. In fact, this is just not the new Touareg back, in fact, the old Touareg owners actually need to lock the central differential lock situation is rare.