From your guide transmission MT, semi-automatic transmission AMT to automatic transmission AT, after which to today's attention CVT CVT and dual-clutch transmission DSG, the car's transmission has gone by way of a hundred decades of development history. Volkswagen's DSG transmission is undoubtedly the world's most technologically advanced, most revolutionary and development prospects from the transmission technological innovation.

From the eyes with the average person, the truck is nothing far more than a suggests of transporting a variety of items, it is tough to auto and auto, travel by car or truck linked alongside one another. Not just that, while in the eyes of ordinary men and women, men and women who open up trucks should be boring, dusty, and even the bottom of society, not concerned about, it truly is challenging to associate them with freedom, dreams collectively.

A 59-year-old man, a 29-year-old throbbing atrium.As very long as appreciate lifestyle, never lack the wisdom of lit lifetime.There is these types of an old man, he used a truck, built a mobile home to the wheel.There is these types of an old man, he moved while in the home, travel north and south, see all over the world splendor, working experience the national customs.